For a start we arrived to the U.K. from two different countries. Laci came from Bocholt via Düsseldorf (7.30 am) and arrived to LHR (11.15 am), while Meli and Gás came from Budapest to Luton Airport (1.30 pm) and got the bus to LHR (4.15 pm). In the meantime Angela, our wonderful helping angel, dropped her kids off at her mum’s in Essex, picked us up on LHR, and at 5 pm we were already on the way to Pembrokeshire. So, not a lot of things happened really, but Angie found out eventually that we play Frisbee in Hungary also and we don’t call it like the “throw the flat chicken game” or the “flying flatbread”. We arrived to our hostel at around 10 pm, had a genuine British cheese on toast, yumm, and went for a good night sleep.


Half an hour drive along the jaw dropping welsh seashore and we are at our site by the Druidstone Hotel! We had a look around the place and wow! No, really WOW! The ever so friendly hotel gave us a room to work in, the sun came up, and the participants of the Sandpit Workshop started to arrive. What a great start! After introducing ourselves, BLOC and KIBU, we had a long discussion about the privacy issues, local history, possibilities, local art practices and so on. After lunch we headed out to explore the beautiful beach we are going to “survey” with our piece. The discussions continued there but we broke up into smaller groups while collecting pebbles and discovering caves.

After the workshop Laci and Angie went to get some equipment, which they couldn’t find but they got a couple of bottles of red wine instead, while the rest of us finally started building! After we reunited and cut up a few PVC tubes, arranged a part of the installation it already started to transform the scenery and looking like a CCTV camera. Duct Tape Rules! During building a nice old lady came to us with honest curiosity and after explaining the project to her, she got really excited and wished us good luck! Our first visitor! Yeah! Unfortunately, we had very disappointing results with the streaming because the hotel’s Wi-Fi didn’t reach out far enough so tomorrow we have to start with solving that problem…


We were at the site fresh and early. The scenery was still amazing, but we didn’t waste any time adoring it and got started! The team kind of broke up for the morning, Meli and Gás was building the object, while Laci was sorting out the Wi-Fi. You should know that weather is so unreliable here that you cannot plan even an hour ahead. After some heavy wind followed by sunshine the rain started pouring down, so we decided to go for lunch. Fish and Chips and a pint of ale, what more can you wish for on the coast! On the way back we ran into a traffic jam caused by 30 horse riders and a Puffin Shuttle 400. The locals probably avoid that road around 3 pm.

No one believed that the sun was going to shine; yet in the afternoon, the sky gradually cleared up and made the rest of the day sparklingly splendid! On the top of that, we managed to get the Internet working with the help of Angus from Druidstone Hotel! It took a couple of hours but now we could check our emails on the top of the cliff and start streaming! After that we finished the structure and took it to it’s final position with the help of some guests of the hotel and watched the sunset (it was disgusting J ).

Getting back to work we found out that the scaffolding sheet, we were going to make the cover from,  is not really suitable for our needs, because it’s see-through and doesn’t have holes on it, so the wind can easily pick it up. Ok, it’s 9.30 pm now, we should go back to the hostel and worry about it tomorrow…